Sunday, April 3, 2011

roll it up and we can blow it in the wind

A trip to the city with the lovely boyfriend. We spent the entire day shopping at the Westfield mall and QVB . I HAD to stop by the the Lindt Cafe to indulge in some delicious macaroons! It was sooooo good. The last photo is my 1 year anniversary present for him. A stainless silver ring, attached to a chain with the engraving of 'J<3M' from Breville. He loved it. :$

Same night, chilling at Thanh's place with the usual, wacky group of friends. Grilling paddies and catching up with everybody.

Last minute photo shoot with the biffle. We decided to experiment with the settings and effects of our camera and that was our final result. Enjoy! x

(photography by: Minhtam Tong, Vivienne Kongvongsa & Julie Duong)


  1. YAYYYY I love all these photos!!!!


  2. yummy, looks delicious! love all of these photos! and your outfit!

  3. are you sure we're not long lost sisters? i lovee chambord with limes, and lindt. i miss sydney a lot! so jealous that you get all the good sales. brisbane gets nothing :( lmao. love your blog thanks for stopping by x

  4. thanks so much! :D

    same for you girl. great style. i love oneteaspoon!

  5. The first photos looks delicious! cute post and great blog

    x FashionFifth

  6. wow those pictures are so lovelyY!!!

  7. you have such awesome photos, what settings and lens do you use?


  8. you and Vivienne are toooo cute bebs! much love for your olive knit and all the one tea x

  9. Macaron are my favorite!! Nice pictures too

    Travel In Style

  10. I loove your style! The pictures are so cool and your ring is adorable! xxx

  11. I love the casual look!
    So adorable. And those photos are indeed so fun... a trip with bf is always special, isn't it?
    Hope you're having a great time there :))