Saturday, February 19, 2011

sweet and low

* Embellishment of kiss of death dress
* White rose gifted by the boyfriend
* Soil garden bed
* Tony Bianco Nemises
* Guinea pig, Alpoochino

Hi guys! I know this is probably the worst time for me to create a blog-spot since I'm in the middle of the HSC but I couldn't wait any longer as I finally got the camera of my dreams, Canon EOS 550D * squeals* I'm still learning on how to play around with this precious thing since art and photography are two of my secret passions.
This week has flew by so fast! I spent this entire week at Marconi Club doing work placement for hospitality and let me tell you I never want to step foot into a kitchen again for the rest of my life! Okay, maybe I'm just exaggerating but damn it was freakin tiring. For now, I just need to catch up on all the school work I've missed out on so good luck to me as I'm going to be stressing my balls out. Many thanks to the bestfriend Vivienne Kongvongsa for helping me get started with the blog, I would've be a lost turtle without her. Enjoy the photos! x

Questions? Feel free to ask :)


  1. an amazing first post. makes me just wanna check your blog daily

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